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Massacre of women and children in Ngarbuh: The Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora (CPD) calls for an international commission of inquiry

Deeply shocked by the massacre of many civilians on Friday, February 14 in the locality of Ngarbuh in north-western Cameroon, The Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora (CPD) expresses its condolences to the bereaved families and its solidarity with the populations of the North-West and South West regions, victims of over three years of violent clashes between English-speaking separatist groups and the Cameroonian army.

The CPD strongly condemns the mass killings, the toll of which varies according to sources, between 22 and 40 people, including at least 14 children, babies under 5, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. This abominable act, for which the regime of Paul Barthélemy Biya implicitly recognized responsibility in a press release published today, presenting it with staggering inhumanity as a “collateral consequence of the security operations underway in the Region”, shows once more the drift to war or even genocidal nature of the regime. This communication indicates to what extent this regime has abandoned all humanity in its logic of war

These new atrocities come after many others, the most recent being those of January 18 in Bali-Nyonga in Ndonga-Mantung and February 08 in Bangem in Kupe-Muanenguba, which each claimed dozens of civilian lives. They confirm once again that the famous “ Grand National Dialogue ” organized from September 30 to October 04, 2019 and that was supposed to resolve the crisis in the northwest and southwest of Cameroon, was only a dramatic lure. The atrocities that the Cameroonian army continues to commit against unarmed civilian populations are evidence of this: burning of villages, theft of material goods, rape, racketeering and massacres of civilian populations,  Despite the obvious failure of the path of force, the bloody dictatorial regime of Mr. Biya persists and sticks to its perilous military option, instead of a real national and inclusive dialogue, that should bring together all Cameroonians including leaders of the separatist movements

The massacre of harmless children and pregnant women marks a new level in this conflict and constitutes a crime against humanity which deserves to be treated as such. It is more than ever time for the United Nations Security Council and the African Union to take very seriously the crisis in North-West and South-West Cameroon and take measures, including coercive measures against the regime. Of Paul Biya, to stop these recurrent massacres of the English-speaking populations; massacres in which the political and personal responsibility of Mr. Biya, both Head of State and Minister of Defense, is engaged.

In any event, the Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora (CPD) demands the immediate establishment of an international commission of inquiry, preferably led by the UN or the AU, into the Ngarbuh massacres so that those responsible are brought before the competent courts and severely punished.

The Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora (CPD) reiterates its call for the creation of a broad front of democratic and social forces in order to work out together a dynamic strategy, which involves the populations, to drive out the anti-popular regime of Biya and end the crisis in the North West and South West.

Done in Munich, the 17th of February 2020

For the Executive Board Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora (CPD)

Dr. Etah Ewane


Contacts: camerdiasporaforum2017@gmail.com | Tel: +32 466 35 00 22|+ 49 176 80 56 75 71

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